5 Healthy Benefits Of Using Raw Honey

 “My son, eat thou honey, for it is good” — King Solomon

Well, honey is one of the most beneficial food which you should use on the daily basis. If you will include it in your breakfast, it will not only help you fight serious disease like cancer and allergy but it will also help you help in strengthening your immunity.

Bees experts says, “It takes approx. 60,000 bees travelling to around 2 million flower (approx. 55,000 miles) to make one pound of honey.”

 It naturally contains a lot of nutrient and enzymes that are full of health benefits and medical use. That’s the reason it has been used throughout history. Bees swallow, digest and regurgitate nectar to make honey and this nectar contain almost 600 compounds.


  Keep In Mind Before using Honey

  • Make sure you are using raw honey

 We generally consume honey found in our nearest grocery stores. If you are also using the same then stop today. These are processed by manufacturers who heat the honey for impressive color and texture and remove unwanted crystallization. Almost all the beneficial bacteria and anti-oxidant are burned in this process. So if you are using them it is just a waste of your money, instead, contact the local farmers and get it from there.
  • Use it in Limited quantity

 Do not use in excess quantity. One teaspoon of honey contains 4gm of fructose. Taking it more than 4 teaspoons a day can ruin your body. Especially if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes you should restrict yourself to 2 teaspoons a day.
  • Do not feed honey to infants less than one-year-old

Due to its high content of fructose infants can cause vomiting, fever and food poisoning so do not feed raw honey to babies less than a year old. If anything similar happens contact your nearest doctor immediately.

Benefits Of Using Honey

Let’s have a look at benefits so that more and more people can take advantage of this natural health aid.

 1.Helps prevent cancer

 If you are fighting with cancer, it is one of the affordable natural product you should include in your daily diet. Not only does it fight with cancer it will also prevent you from this deadly disease. It has Carcinogen preventing property which helps in fighting the growth of existing tumors.
More specifically, Honey contains many phenolic compounds like gallic acid, ferulic acid, chrysin, syringic acid, elegiac acid, p-Coumaric acid, and caffeic acid and all these compounds help you fight cancer

 2.Helps Reduce Allergy

Allergy is one of the most common symptoms found in modern life. Do you have running nose and itchy eyes? Don’t worry this helps with that too.
 This includes many anti-inflammatory materials which help in reducing your allergy symptoms.
When you eat honey, it produces an antibody which gets a little hint of what your body is allergic to and then gets into attacking mode. This will slowly improve your immune system and you will get rid of that.
 You can also start eating honey just 2-3 months before allergy season hits so your body can build that immunity.

 3.Instant Energy Booster

Do you ever feel lazy? Especially, In the morning not wanting to move from your bed. If this happens, it can give you an instant energy boost. It is full of processed carbohydrate, it’s glucose and fructose mixes into your blood immediately and gives you a boost kick, which will keep your body moving whole day.The best way is that you include it in your breakfast every morning to get yourself a boost you need.

 4.Memory Booster

Yes, Not only it can give you an energy boost but it will also give you a memory boost.In fact, honey is composed of hundred’s of antioxidants which will improve your memory skill and keep your mind in tip-top shape. Research shows that a spoonful of honey every day can keep postmenopausal women’s memory sharp for a longer period of time.

5. Helps In Sleeping

A lot of people are in trouble with falling asleep. This can help you in that too. If you are also not able to sleep properly take 2-3 spoons of honey before going to bed and see the result.

Actually, sugar content in it causes your insulin level to rise which in turn releases neurotransmitter serotonin.Body converts neurotransmitter serotonin to melatonin which helps in sleeping

So start using honey on a regular basis from today onwards and keep yourself away from the disease.

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