10 Most Brutal Torture Methods Ever Used

Have you ever imagined how worst torturing can get? In the modern era, many severe torture technique is still used. Let’s have a look at the 10 of the most brutal torturing technique ever used in Human History.

10. The Rack

The bone snapping and torturing device is known as the rack were one of the Europe famous integration platforms.

It consists of two rollers on either side, the victim’s ankle is fastened to one roller and the wrist are chained to the other. A handle and wretched mechanism are attached to one of the rollers and is used to gradually increase the tension on the chain inducing excruciating pain. Over time the sufferer’s joints are dislocated and eventually separated.

One horrifying aspect of this torture is hearing the loud popping noise made by the cracking of bone. Muscles are stretched to such an extent in this torture that they lose the ability to contract, rendering them useless.

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9. Judas Cradle


Judas Cradle was a pyramid structure of wood on which prisoners were forced to sit on. The person is hanged with ropes high above the pyramid naked. As the person is lowered down the top of the pyramid is aligned with the anus or the vagina and cause unimaginable pain and discomfort. Legs were tied together so that if one leg moves the other one too causing more pain. Then the prisoner is interrogated and lifted off the pyramid for the night and the next day again lowered on the pyramid.

If they didn’t die of the pain they used to die of the infection as the Judas Cradle was rarely cleaned between the torture.


8. Rat In A Bucket


A rat can do anything to escape an uncomfortable situation. This knowledge is used as an advantage for the torturer in their sick experiment. A bucket filled with rats are placed open side down on the naked body of the prisoner. Red hot charcoals are then piled on the top of the bucket, effectively heating the top and making unbearable for the rat. The rat only way out is to tear the body parts of the prisoner in an attempt to escape the heat.

One of the prisoners, however, survived this inhuman torture after the rat ate his flesh and ate his intestine, but then the hot charcoal was put in the torn part of his stomach resulting in death

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7. Head Crusher

Head crusher is a device used to clamp head between a metal plate and a rounded iron cap. The executioner gradually twists the handle and the pressure increases on the head, slowly crushing to death.

This torture involves cracking of bone and bursting of internal veins causing a brain hemorrhage.

If they want to give more pain they strike the metal cap with iron rod sending echoing pain throughout the body. In most cases, the person is killed but not before the jaws are crushed and eyes are popped out of their socket.


6. Tucker Telephone

Tucker Telephone was an electric shock apparatus used in the prison during 1960’s and 70’s for the unruly prisoner. In this torturing method doctors used to hook the clod wire to the big toe of the prisoner and the hot wire to the tentacles of the prisoner. Both the wires were then connected to a telephone which was modified to send electric shock.

As the telephone used to ring strong electric current was sent throughout the prisoner body. Any prisoner who used to survive this shock was put in cold water and were shocked again.

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5. German Chairtorture method

Similar to The Rack this was also a mechanical chair used as a torturing device by the Syrian government against the rebels. When a detainee is captured they are placed in a metal chair. Their hands and legs are secured by chains while the chair is moved up against the ground. This caused severe stress on the
spine, neck and the limbs often causing permanent damage.

One man who escaped this Syrian torture claimed that they hung him naked upside down for 8 to 12 hours a day for 4 days. He said that pain was so uncontrollable that he begged his captors to kill him.

4. Flaying

torture method flaying
Flaying also known as skinning were used back in 883 B.C. It involves the different method to remove the skin from the victim’s entire body while the victim is alive. The most common methods were to use a knife and pierce the sharp edge exactly through the middle of the chest. The cut starts from the face and ends at the toe.

In some cases, the skin would be taken off into small pieces and it was performed slowly. After the whole process what left is a living person with exposed muscles, ligaments, and bones. A person can be alive up to hours and sometimes days after the skin removal process.

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3. Impalement

torture method impalament
Impalement was and is one of the most gruesome ways of dying. The arms and legs are strapped to the ground by chains rendering the person helpless. A large oiled, pointed wooden stick is gradually forced onto the body usually into the anus. They made sure that the stake was not sharp or the victim would die too rapidly from shock.

There were many cases where the victim was impelled through the other body parts or throughout the chest. Infants were sometimes impelled with their mother on the stake, forced through the mother’s chest. Then the stake was raised for the victim to slide down. It would take 3-4 days for the victim to finally die.

2. Brazen Bull

torture method brazen bull
The brazen bull was an ancient Greek torture device. The victims were put in a large hollow metal bull statue. Generally, before inserting them into the bull their tongue was cut by a sharp blade so that they cannot cry aloud.

The torturer then lit the fire below the abdomen part of the bull and slowly heat was raised. Due to high heat prisoner used to burn alive. The scream of the person does not come out because the metal used to be thick and only opening in the case was bull’s mouth of which smoke comes out of the baking victim inside.

1. Necklacing

torture method necklacing

It is a horrific torture that involves forcing a rubber tire filled with gasoline. Around the victim chest and arms and then setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die. Suffering severe burns in the process. In South Africa, Nigeria and India Necklacing was a common sentence carried out by angry mobs to punish thieves and rapist between 1970 and 1980. Brazilian drug dealer is also known to necklace their enemy.

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