5 Countries Which Are Almost Impossible To Invade If World War III Happens

Is World War III going to happen? We have done everything we could have to prevent any future world war. But it seems that all our effort in making organisations like United Nations have gone in waste. Again the tides of World War III is rising and it is quite possible that we are going to be a live spectator. But thinking about what may happen afterwards is also worthwhile.

John Lyly once said, “Everything is fair in love and War”

Recently Donald Trump, President of United States send ‘Armada’ a combination of 4 warships to the Sea Of Japan to keep pressure on North Korea. North Korea is regularly testing his nuclear missile and it seems Earth is in great danger after these nuclear missile have came under the hands of Kim Jong-un. Even America is somewhat afraid of what North Korea could do. Countries like China and Russia are supporting North Korea and that comes to a deadlock which could result in another World War.

In World War III nuclear missiles is not something which will be accountable. It is anti-nuclear missiles which is accountable. Countries which will have a better defence technology will survive this World War. Another accountable aspect is Invasion. Those countries which will be invaded by other strong countries will gain no benefits of either having powerful nuclear missiles or the defence technology.

We have covered top 5 countries which are just impossible to invade in the aspects of their military power as well as their geographical location.


You might be wondering what does Israel have to come in this top 5 list. Then you are wrong. It is true that Israel is a very small country but it is also true that it has the best defence technology right now.

Once Israel was a vey weak country, what made them strong were their neighbouring countries who regularly attacked Israel. Israel was left with no choice but to hold strong. Currently Israel is having such anti-missile technology which can shoot out any missile in air before reaching it’s target. Moreover it’s accuracy range is 90%. Israel is a small country and do not have very strong military power, so they made military training mandatory to every citizen. Women have to spend 24 month and men have to serve 36 month in military service. This means that their whole population is trained for warfare. They have only 176,000 troops but they can call 1.5 million more soldiers if needed.

Basically it is too hard to compete with Israel especially in their defence technology.


Iran is also called “Fortress Iran”. This name is enough for anyone attacking them. They are too strong. Not only they have large number of army, tanks, aircrafts but they have such geographical location that it is almost impossible to invade them. The topography of Iran is just like Afghanistan.

If you want to invade Iran it’s like invading many mountains and terrains. It will take years and years to totally invade them. Moreover, they also have nuclear missiles and defence technology. It is said that every state of Iran contains underground missiles which will activate instantly, if attacked. They are testing their missiles regularly which make it a strong country and it’s geography makes it impossible to invade.


Well, you might think Australia doesn’t count even among top 10 most powerful countries, then why is it here. Yes, it is practically impossible to conquer Australia. Australia is largest country in the world but the population according to such great area is very less. All the population is distributed around the coastline of Australia that covers only 30% of land. That leaves 70% of the land vacant. And what you will find in the 70% of the region is desert. So to conquer Australia you will also have to conquer the 70% of desert. Moreover, that will also not be easy as the military of Australia have hidden camps inside the desert, so they are going to shoot you easily.

Another reason that makes Australia impossible to invade is it’s location. Australia is an island, I can say a great island. The nearest country which has the capability of it’s invasion is Japan and it’s distance from Australia is almost 10,500 km by water and almost 7,000 km by air. It is really hard for any country to sent their military to such a long distance. Even by air it is impossible to attack Australia. You don’t have the fuel pump their. Once in World War II Japan attacked Australia but soon they called their military back, maybe because of the above reasons.


Russia has never been invaded. It is one of the superpower now. So you just can’t attack Russia. Two of the world greatest army have attacked Russia but they were all thrown out. One of them was the army of Napoleon and another was of Hitler. Hitler attacked during the World War II and Russia sent them back.

The major benefits of Russia is it’s topography. Russia have lot’s and lot’s of mountains. Russia is the biggest country but in population, it comes on 9th position. Therefore Russia has lot’s of free space. Most of the population are living on major cities. So if you attacked you will mostly get open land and nothing else. Russia has the second largest army in the world so it’s just impossible to defeat them. Even if you succeeded in defeating them they have around 7,000 nuclear missiles so again you are going to be dead. Another problem in fighting Russia is snow, you need to have military who can fight as well as survive in snow. All of these make Russia one of the safest country in the world.

United States Of America

You know without America this list is incomplete. America is the most powerful country in the world. So you can’t go against the most powerful and a superpower. America has the largest army this world has ever seen. It has the most updated version of tanks, aircrafts, missiles, submarines, aircraft carrier. This country has 7,700 nuclear missiles thus having the capability of destroying the whole world with warheads several times. This country also has less population in comparison to its area. If you want to invade this country throughly you should have military who can fight in cold places like Alaska, desert like Nevada and coastline like Miami. And you definitely can’t handle it’s nuclear power. So, America is the most safest country in the World.

But if ever World War III happens it’s the loss of all country not just a single one. So, just pray this may not ever happen.

Which country do you think would be most difficult to take over.Write in the comment box below.



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