In Which Dimension Does God Live ?

As per Quantum Physics, theoretically there are 10 dimensions of space possible.Do you know, God lives in sixth dimension of space and since we live in third dimension of universe, we cannot see the God with naked eyes. Let’s see how?

Zero Dimension

You might have never came across the zero dimension. But zero dimension does exist. This dimension refers to something which can never change with respect to anything. Suppose, a point or a dot they don’t have any dimension such as length, breadth or height. They can’t move or revolve. This is zeroth dimension.

1st Dimension

If we connect two points, it becomes a line more accurately a co-ordinate. This refers to one dimension. You can move along a line. So you can change your position with respect to a point on that line. But you can only move in forward or backward direction.

2nd Dimension

Second dimension is a plane with X and Y coordinates. If you connect three non collinear point and make a plane out of it, it refers to two dimensional space. In 2nd dimension you can move both forward and backward as well as right and left. So you can make a circle or a square by moving your position but can’t make a sphere or a cube.

3rd Dimension

Third dimension has three axis of coordinates X, Y and Z. We live in three dimensional world. In 3rd dimension we can move forward and backward, right and left as well as up and down. We can make sphere, cubes etc with our movement anything we want.

We are living in 3 dimensional space that’s the reason we can’t see God with naked eye who lives in 6th dimension.

4th Dimension

All the above dimension were something you would be knowing before but 4th dimension is something which maybe new to you. The 4th dimension is time. Like in the 1st dimension we were changing with point in a line, in 2nd dimension we were changing with a point on a plane, in the 3rd dimension our movement was in respect with a point in a 3d space. Similarly, 4th dimension is change with respect to time.

We are growing older with time that is our movement with respect to time. But as we have access to only 3 dimensional space we can’t change  the direction of time i.e. we cannot move backward in time. That’s our limitation. But it is possible, that we can change the direction of time of we can travel to higher dimensions.

Soul enters into 4 dimensional space after death of his/her physical body in 3 dimensional world. Therefore, after death soul are able to see his/her relatives crying but can do nothing and gets ready for his/her journey to Yamlok (according to Hindu Mythology) which exists in 4 dimensional space.

5th Dimension

In 5th dimension change come with respect to universe. Here comes the multiverse. If somebody is living in 5th dimension he can see the change in universe with all possible timeline. Here you can see all the universe. If 4th dimension is the series of events that occur over time then 5th dimension is the entire collection of such timelines. This is all possible timelines that can occur in multiverse.

6th Dimension (Where God Lives)

Then comes the 6th dimension. Anyone who resides in 6th dimension can observe all the possible timelines of universe and even what happens when all the universes dies. So who can observe all these possible timelines of multiple universes. The answer is God. This is the place where soul and god becomes one. This is the reason it is called Parmanand ( In Hindu Mythology). Only those souls who come out of the chakra of birth and death are allowed here. This is the place where God lives.



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