What will happen if you fall into a black hole ?

The black hole is one of the most fascinating objects in the universe. Astronomers who are studying universe are still in search of a black hole. Nobody has ever seen it. Black holes came into existence of science when Albert Einstein published the Theory Of Relativity. And this theory got universally accepted. But no one has got even close to getting a glimpse of this object.

What is a Black Hole

A black hole was predicted by Einstein in his revolutionary scientific paper of Theory of Relativity. According to this theory,  Black Hole is the densest object in the universe. You just can’t imagine the density of this object. Till now no one knows what exactly is its density.

However, if you want to guess the density of this object, we can make you imagine. Imagine the size of Earth. Now if you can somehow compress this planet to the size of a pinpoint, then it will form a Black Hole. Just keep imagining!

All the stars in a galaxy rotate around a black hole just like all the planets of a solar system rotates around its parent star. We live in Milky Way galaxy. The black hole around which all the stars of Milky Way galaxy rotates can be a billion times larger than Sun. Just imagine the mass of this black hole. It is just imaginable.

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Why does Black Hole trap light

Light is one of the fastest phenomena in the Universe. But do you know that they can even trap light inside it? We all know that as the density of body increases it’s gravitational pull increases. Black Holes are one of the densest objects in this universe. Due to its high density, it has a gravitational pull which no other object in the universe can possess.

Every object in the universe needs to gain an escape velocity to escape from its gravitational pull. Photon is also an object but it has the highest velocity of 3 lakh km/s. But escaping from the gravitational pull of a black hole needs, even more, speed than the speed of light. Which is Impossible. Therefore, any light which enters it can never come out.

This leads to a fascinating fact. Whatever we see is a reflection of light from that objects. Now, if the light never comes out from a Black Hole how can we see what’s inside a Black Hole. Therefore we will never be able to see what black hole is actually made of.

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What if you fall into a Black Hole?

Now that we know what it is. We can get a deeper insight of this amazing object. Now the only way to see what is lying inside a black hole is to get into it. Well after knowing so much about it you will never want to get into a Black Hole. But just consider somehow you got into the influence of its gravitational pull during your interstellar mission. Then what will happen?

Even scientists do not know exactly what will happen. But if you believe the mathematics, astronomers have predicted what may happen to you. First of all if you somehow fall into it, your velocity will start increasing at a tremendous rate. In just a few seconds you will reach the speed of light.

We all know that gravitational force depends on the distance. As the distance decreases the force increases and vice verse. When your velocity was small that means you were on the outer part of that black hole, and at that time your height can’t be considered for the difference of gravitational pull on your head and toe as the distance is too much. But when you will attain the speed of light, your height will be considerable and you will feel that the body part which is closer to the black hole is experiencing a greater force with respect to the body part which is away from the black hole.

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What will happen to your body?

This uneven force will cause your body to stretch and your height will increase and your width will decrease. Now imagine! Your height is increasing and you are becoming thinner. This process will continue until a time will come when due to uneven forces on your body your head will pop out. You may ask me why your head will pop out first and the answer is simple. The neck is one of the delicate and weak parts of your body and when a large force will be exerted on your head respective to the rest of your body parts. It will be torn apart. Definitely, you will experience traveling at the speed of light but sadly you will not be alive to share that experience with anyone.

This doesn’t come to an end here. Now, what will happen?

Your body has split into two and you are traveling at the speed of light. And time has frozen for you. Then you will come across the event horizon and you will start traveling in a singularity where density is infinite and space-time has been curved infinitely.

After that what will happen? No one knows.

Maybe you will come to life again or your body will travel into another universe. Or maybe you will become a part of a black hole.

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