3 Incident Without Which History Could Have Been Something Else

History is a story of past. And the most interesting fact about history is that it can’t be changed. Have you ever thought that history could have been different if only a few things would have changed? Yeh, it’s true, some of the minor mistakes in fast have been proven a blunder mistake now. We have covered 3 incident which could have changed the history of the world completely.

England could have won space race

We all know that space race was only between the United States and the Soviet Union. But you will be amazed by the fact that England (earlier known as Great Britain) could have won the Space race.

When the World War ended there was a rush among the allied countries to capture the technology of Nazi V2 missile. This V2 missile was the world’s first long-range ballistic missile and the first to cross the boundary of space in 1944. Engineers from the British Interplanetary Society realized that this technology could be used to launch a spaceship. They proposed that if the warhead of the V2 was replaced with the capsule for humans, it could result in a successful mission to the moon.

But the British Government was heavily in debt after the World War II. And thus rejected the proposal and instead funded nuclear technology.

While in other hands United States recruited Werner Von (Creator of V2 missile). With his help, they launched their first manned space mission in 1961.

Titanic Could Have Been Saved

Just prior to the Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912, second officer David Blair was removed from its crew. He was having the key to the locker with Nest binoculars and he neglected to give it back to the crew of Titanic.

If he was not removed from the crew member or if he would have given the key back, Titanic would have never faced its fatal accident. With Nest binoculars, the crew could have scanned the sea. But due to its absence, they had to rely fully on their eyes. That’s the reason they saw the iceberg when it was too late.

One of the crew member survived. When he was asked how much sooner the iceberg could have been spotted with binoculars he said, “Well enough to get out of the way”.

Penicillin Would Have Never Discovered

Sir Alexander Fleming, a Scottish biologist, and botanist is credited with the 1928 discovery of penicillin. This medicine saved almost 100-200 million lives since it has been discovered. But do you know that it was not made on purpose, instead it was discovered due to a mistake in the laboratory? Later this medicine created history by saving lives.

Fleming was going for a vacation but before leaving he left the setup of petri dish of Staphylococcus bacteria responsible for sore throats and boils. But accidentally was contaminated with a blue-green mold due to an open window. When he returned from vacation what he observed was mind-blowing. The growing mold secreting some kind of juice that killed the surrounding bacteria. He and his assistant then identified and isolated penicillin as the antibiotic for changing medical history.