These are 5 most loneliest places on Earth you would never want to go

Many of us probably think that humans are everywhere on this planet. There are billion of us and it seems like everywhere you look, there are other people. And there is no wild or wilderness left in the world, with everything being already discovered. But this is simply not the case. The world is an enormous place. And there are still places just as remote, and far away as they were thousands of years ago.

The world is an enormous place. And there are still places just as remote, and far away as they were thousands of years ago.

So then how far away exactly can you possibly get from every other human on the planet? Let’s imagine that you have been suddenly teleported to the following location and then, imagine how would you escape. These are the 5

These are the 5 most loneliest places in the World.

#5. Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan_da_Cunha_ASTER lonely place

Area: 207 km²

Population: 264

Perhaps you still want to be around a few people but far away from everywhere else in the world. In which case you would likely want to visit the island of Tristan Da Cunha, which is the most remote place in the world that is actually inhabited by people. This tiny island has a tiny population of just 264 people. And while you’re there the closest other population of humans will be located 2000 kilometers away on the island of Saint Helena, which itself is quite remote.

The nearest continent to yo would be Africa which would be staffing 2,400 kilometers away. There is no airport on the island. So the only way to or from is by boat. And boats only come from South Africa 8 or 9 times in an entire year.

If you really want off the island, then you better have your own boat. And, even then the shortest journey to the nearest airport is on Ascension Island and would take you 7 days to reach.

#4. Devon Island

Devon_Island lonely place

Area: 55,247 km²

Population: 229

Now let’s imagine that you are placed in the center of Devon Island which is a part of Canadian archipelago. This island is roughly the same size as Croatia and yet it has absolutely people living on it. It’s just you in complete solitude with nobody else as far as the land goes.

Walk in any direction and you will never find anybody else to help you. The closest other humans to you will be here on the island next door in the town of Resolute. The population of this island is 229, which is every single person who lives on the island. But even still, the town is 80 km away from the island that you’re on. And you would need a boat to get there.

#3. South Pole

south pole lonely place

Area: 5,400,000 km²

Population: about 150

Maybe you think the South Pole would have to be one of the most remote and far away places in the world. And while that used to be true, the South Pole today is home to a permanent research station. That is always staffed by as many as 150 scientists.

The place in Antartica that is far more remote and difficult to get to or out of, would be this exact spot here. Which is the furthest point in the continent away from the ocean? It is located 878 km away from the research station at the South Pole. Which would be the nearest other humans to your location.

The Soviets first reached this place in 1958 and builds a bust of Lenin facing toward Moscow which is the only thing that stands today above the snow gazing into the vast nothingness in every direction. The last time that humans ever visited this point was back in 2011. So unless you want to wait around for years to be rescued then you should probably get moving to that South Pole research station.

However, this isn’t the most remote place on Earth.

#2. Bouvet Island

Bouvet_Island lonely place

Area: 49 km²

Population: 0

That distinction has to go to this island in South Atlantic called Bouvet Island. it is small frozen with ice and completely uninhabited by all of the humanity. Although Norway claims it for herself for some unknown reason. The nearest another piece of land to you would be Queen Maud land here off the coast of Antartica at 1,600 kilometers away but that island is also uninhabited so there is no use going there.

The nearest other humans to you on Bouvet Island would be 2260 kilometers away on Tristan Da Cunha which as we previously discussed is also remote in its own right.

So far we have only been talking about being on land but we haven’t yet considered the Ocean. If we forget about distance and just think about the sheer obstacles between you and every other person in the bottom of the Marianas Trench nearly 11 kilometers below the ocean surface would be a truly lonely place. Only three people have ever been to bottom in all of human history and the last time was in 2012.

Strangely that does mean that there have been four times as many people that have been on the surface Moon than have been to the bottom of the ocean. But let’s take it back to the distance for a moment because the ocean is truly gargantuan and far bigger than many of us realize.

#1. Point Nemo

point nemo lonely place

Area: Just a Point

Population: 0

Finally and most terrifying of all the most remote point and farthest away from the rest of humanity that you can likely ever achieve is deep in the Pacific Ocean. This place comes no 1 on our list of lonely places. This exact point is known as Point Nemo and is by far the most remote place on the planet. The closest inhabited land to you would be Easter Island which is mind-boggling 2698 kilometers away. To put that into perspective again that is about 64% of the distance from the U.S west coast to east coast with not a single other person and just vast empty ocean. If you think that possibly some shipping routes or cargo ships may pass by to help then you are totally wrong. This point doesn’t come in any of the shipping routes.

The record for the fastest time that anybody has ever made it point Nemo was on a boat and it still took 15 days 10 hours and 37 minutes to reach plus all of that time to make it back from where they originated from.

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