10 Hidden Messages you didn’t noticed in Famous Logos

The logos of famous companies are usually the result of a great deal of thought. Ideally, a logo should be visually striking yet simple and help to communicate what the company is all about. The logos we are looking at in this article are a bit more clever than most. These logos contain hidden messages that might escape your eye but have a lot to say about the famous brand behind them.

#10. Amazon

amazon logo

Amazon has been a trusted brand since the early days of the internet. As an online bookstore founder Jeff Bezos grew the site into a vast online marketplace. It is currently the most valuable retail operation in the United States. Nearly anything can be purchased on Amazon. In 2000 their logo underwent a subtle redesign that helps to get this idea across. The swooping line underneath the word Amazon can easily be seen as a smile which is an intentional part of the design. It’s also intended to look like an arrow which runs from the letter A to letter z indicating that everything from A to Z can be purchased on Amazon. It is an eye-catching way to convey that Amazon’s inventory contains everything under the Sun while still keeping the logo simple.

#9. Sony VAIO

vaio logo

Vaio is a Japanese computer manufacturer that was owned by Sony until 2014. Many of their computers in the U.S. still carry the Sony branding and the company has become known for high-end pcs with professional quality video and audio capability. Vaio was originally an acronym for video audio integrated operation and the theme of integration is also cleverly referred to in the company’s logo. The V and the A are intended to look like a sine wave and analog audio signal while the I and the O look like a one and zero representing binary code or a digital signal.

#8. LG

lg logo
Lg Logo

Electronics manufacturer LG has become one of the most successful brands for consumer electronics and smartphones in the world founded as the lucky chemical and industrial corporation all the way back in 1947 the company merged with its own subsidiary gold start to form lucky gold star formally renamed LG in 1995 to better compete in Western Markets the logo chosen to represent the LG brand in the west resembles a very familiar Western symbol the smiley face which has become even more familiar since emojis have come into widespread use. Sharp eye observer has also noticed that with only a slight tweaking of the logos element it can also be made to resemble another familiar icon, Pac-man the beloved video game character.

#7. BMW

bmw logo

The BMW company or Bavarian motor works is a worldwide symbol of automotive quality. But their striking logo is a callback to the roots of the company which manufactured some of the first airplanes to be used in combat during World War one at the end of the war the Versailles Treaty prevented the company from continuing to produce aircraft. So they instead shifted to motorcycles and later to cars BMW even produced engines although no complete aircraft during World War two since the 1950’s company has built its brand as one of the world’s most trusted automakers but has kept its logo as an homage to its past. It is meant to represent a light propellor against the backdrop of a blue sky.

#6. NBC

nbc logo

NBC networks logo hasn’t changed much since the mid-1980’s. Its rainbow colored array might be taken to represent a number of things such as diversity in its programming or as Ruth is one of the pioneers of color television. You may have also noticed that looks like a peacock and the resemblance used to be.

#5. Hyundai

Hyundai Logo

It is one of the most popular car companies and we will likely own or know somebody who owns Hyundai car. At a glance, their logo just looks like an H bent sideways and I’m sure we all assume the H symbol Hyundai. But it actually originates a South Korean business deal. The two vertical line is actually meant to look like a client and a worker shaking hands. Of course, Hyundai has done many business deals in its time and its logo really mirrors the company. Also, handshakes are a symbol of business everywhere. Hyundai is a multinational company and this logo really proves the world is not always as it seems.

#4. Coca-Cola

Coca cola logo

It’s the worlds most popular drink and that’s one of the most recognizable brand logos. Thanks to the company pumping millions of dollars into their advertising every year. While this branding is successful it doesn’t seem to make people look very closely at the logos that is because most people don’t know about the secret messages inside the coca-cola logos. In the space between the letter O and L, you can clearly see the Danish flag. Originally this wasn’t supposed to be significant in the log.But now that Coke is an international brand they make use it a lot. In fact, if you go to Denmark you’ll see the flag in their logo pointed out all the time. Was this a happy accident or coops master plan the whole time.

#3. Pinterest

pinterest logo

If you’re a mom or just like weird craft tutorials you’ve likely been on Pinterest before. It’s one of the biggest social media sites to come about in the lost few years. At first, the logo may seem simple as it’s just the word Pinterest but have you ever looked closely at the P in the logo. If you do you’ll clearly see a pin shape making up the vertical line in the P for Pinterest. This is because the point of Pinterest is for people to create their own virtual pinball. This made Pinterest want to have a pin in their logo which only average users or very eagle-eyed people would see.

#2. Adidas

adidas logo

Adidas is one of the worlds biggest sportswear brands. They’re famous for their logo which has three stripes. So much so their slogan is based around their stripes. Their slogan is, of course, being the brand with their free stripes. Of course, the logo has been through many different forms but the stripes are now positioned as building up. What’s the point of the stripes being in this shape? Well as they are building up the stripes are supposed to represent a mountain. This is because Adidas is a brand of playing sports and any sports is like climbing a mountain and only the Adidas can help you reach the top of the mountain.

#1. Toyota

toyota logo

Toyota is known for being one of the biggest and best Japanese car manufacturer in the world. Their logo may just look like a tea but this is just not the case. Some say their logo is of somebody wearing a cowboy hat but it is also false. The logo actually represents a stylized image of the eye of a needle with a thread passing through it. This is because before the cars Toyota used to make weaving machines.

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