Is Parallel Universe Possible ? Are We Living In Parallel Universe

An Incident Of 1954…..

A stranger arrived in Tokyo in 1954 with a passport from a country that didn’t exist in our world, called Taured. Japanese customs officials detained the man, but his passport was not a fake. It had the proper stamps and was issued by the country of Taured and even includes Japanese stamps from a previous visit. The man swore that Taured was a European country that had existed for 1,000 years and he also showed other papers such as bank statements, with the country’s name on them. Did he came form another parallel universe.

The next morning, he was gone. NO trace. A special unit of police was put on this investigation. But he was never found again. Just gone forever.

You can also read about the time traveller hipster who was said to have come from parallel universe.

Are You In Parallel Universe…..

Does it ever happened to you that an event that is taking place, you think has happened earlier also. And it is repeating. Does it ever happened to you that during dreams you are still a kid and going to school.

If yes then it might be reflection of you in another parallel universe.

What Is Parallel Universe

As per quantum mechanics, electrons can exist at multiple states at a time. Even, Heisenberg Uncertainty principle states that a photon(light particle) must exist in two places at the same time with opposite spin.

We can even observe this if we pass a laser through the glass prism or a spherical  glass object. Same light particle (photon) can be seen at different positions in the form of spots. Now since human is also made of particles, then this behaviour must also be present for humans as well. This means that multiple copy of same human in different parallel universes is possible.

This means that Hitler may have won world war II in some other parallel universe. And maybe Hiroshima and Nagasaki were never bombarded in other parallel universe. It may also happen that World War II didn’t happen.

The universe is literally duplicated, splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement. For example, say an object’s wave function is both a particle and a wave. When a physicist measures the particle, there are two possible outcomes. It will either be measured as a particle or a wave.

This universe makes copies of itself to account for all the possibilities and these duplicates will proceed independently. Every time a photon is measured for instance, a scientist in one universe will analyse it in wave form and the same scientist in another universe will analyse it in particle form.

Each of these universe offers a unique and independently reality that coexist with other Parallel Universes.

According to theoretical physicists, there are four models of parallel universes.

Parallel Universe Type 1 : “The Infinite Universe”

This model states that the universe is infinite. This means that there are infinite number of parallel universe. Therefore, every possible configuration of matter is possible at some point in any universe. Scientifically this means that beyond the cosmic horizon of our universe somewhere out there, a place from where we haven’t received light from yet there is a region of space exactly like this one.

This model of parallel universe says that all the other universes are governed by same universal laws of physics. The only difference is their initial condition. On some other universe the conditions may be different resulting in different results. And there are infinite number of universe so every result is possible.

Evidence of this model of parallel universe is that microwave background measurement points to flat which sows infinite space with large scale smoothness.

Parallel Universe Type 2 : “The inflationary bubble universe”

Another model of parallel universe is based on concept of formation of bubble. This type of parallel universe refers to countless bubble universe popping up and disappearing. This would mean that the beginning of our universe, the Big Bang was just the creation of one bubble in a vast sea  of inflating universe, which eventually popped up because its bubble juice was stable. This model suggests that at every moment of time infinite number of universes are formed out of which only those universe survive which are stable with unique configuration. Just like a only those bubble survive which have stabilised pressure.

This type of parallel universe has same fundamental laws and equation of physics, but different constants, particles and dimensions. Inflation theory explains flat space, scale invariant fluctuations, solves horizon problem and can naturally explain such bubbles.

Parallel Universe Type 3 : “The many world universe”

This theory is one of the weird and wild world of quantum mechanics, but in the science fiction world it’s often identified as the “Alternate History” universe.

The many world theory says that every possible version of every possible event will happen in a different universe. Essentially, it posits quantum uncertainty as a kind of bifurcating tree of worlds. Every time you make a choice, you’re branching off into a different universe. Features of this universe is same as universe type 2.

Parallel Universe type 4 : “Different laws of Physics and Mathematics”

This final type is a truly bizarre notion that our universe is just one of an endless number of different kinds of universes. The concept matches to the bubble theory of countless numbers of universes existing within the same multiverse, except in this model, each one of these universe is wildly different, containing different reality. In one universe, matter never formed which in another, time flows in reverse.

This type of parallel universe has different laws of physics and different fundamental equations. Einstein’s theory of relativity fails in such type of parallel universes.

Which type of Parallel Universe do you think is would be possible. Write in the comment box below.

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