What Is Planet Nine ? How Did Sun Stole This Planet From Another Star

Recently there was a bombshell announcement in the scientific community, when scientists explained the abnormal outer configuration of Trans-Neptunian Object (TNO) due to existence of a massive planet called Planet Nine in our solar system. This 9th planet could be beyond the 8th planet Neptune. This could be 10 times more heavier then Earth and is about 100,000,000,000 kilometres (100 billion km) away from Sun. This planet could take almost 15,000-20,000 years just to make one rotation around Sun.

Why it is named Planet Nine ?

Planet Nine has not got its official name since it’s existence is not confirmed till now. Once it is confirmed through Optical Imaging, IAU will certify a name of this planet. Earlier planet 9 referred to Pluto. But since 1992 Pluto’s status as a planet was questioned because several objects of similar size was found in Kuiper’s Belt. This led to re-defining of the term planet. According to the new definition of planet, only those object will be considered as planet whose size are more or equal to the fixed ratio of it’s mass and it’s distance from Sun as per IAU. Since then the pluto was reclassified as dwarf planet as it’s size was not in proportion to the distance from the sun as it was required.

Sun stole Planet Nine from another Star

Planet nine is not present since the formation of our Solar System. Our star has stolen this planet form some other star. It would sound awkward to you that how can a star steal planet ? But it sometimes happen that star steals some other star’s planets. Let’s get to know how this happens.

You know that planets rotates around their star, star rotates around the centre of galaxy. This means that the whole solar system keeps on moving around the centre of galaxy. Now, when a star follows its path, sometimes one star comes very close to other stars. The star which is bigger among the two stars have more gravitational pull due to which it attracts the planet rotating around the second star (which has weaker gravitational pull) and makes it revolve in itself (the star having higher gravitational pull). This is called stealing of planets from another star.

Planet Nine is the product of the same case. It was not included in our solar system when our solar system was building. Scientists say that in the path of Sun, some smaller star would have came with weak gravitational pull and our huge and bulky Sun made Planet Nine (other Star’s planet) rotates around its axis.

This was the information we have currently. As soon as we get more information about this planet this post will be updated. So keep tuned.

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