5 Wrong Facts You Are Knowing About Science

Many of the things we know are not always true. Here are 5 science facts you may think that you know the truth, but the truth is something else.

Diamonds Are Formed From Coal

Everybody knows that raw diamonds are formed when regular old coal is exposed to extremely high pressure and heat. You may have even been taught in school and while the part about pressure and temperature is correct, it may surprise you that coal is rarely if ever involved in the formation of diamonds. Specific Zones within the Earth’s mantle are capable of subjecting minerals to the process that forms diamonds and coal seams are sedimentary minerals.

This means that coal will almost never be found deep enough under the Earth’s surface to be a part of the diamond making process. Also, coal is formed from fossilized plant material and diamonds have been found which are older than all plant life on Earth.

The diamonds that are formed in the mantle are brought to the surface by a rare type of deep volcanic eruption. So rare that one has never actually been observed. Diamonds are actually made from carbon that was trapped under the surface of the planet. At the time it was formed billions of years fossilized mineral like coal existed.

There Is No Gravity In Space

It seems like common sense to state that there is no gravity in space. We have all seen pictures and videos floating around and in this condition also referred to as “Zero Gravity”. However, this can’t be true. Gravity is a universal force of nature keeping planets and moons in their orbits and ensuring that the entire universe doesn’t just fly apart.

So why does it seems like there’s no observable gravity in space? The answer can be found by considering the nature of an orbiting spacecraft. Think of an orbit as a constant controlled free fall. The craft isn’t weightless it has the same mass that it was on Earth. But the craft and everything in it are in constant free fall toward the Earth at the same rate.

On Earth we are pulled toward the surface we are standing on and we feel this pole as gravity, but in an orbiting spacecraft, everything is being pulled toward the Earth, including the craft the astronaut and everything else inside it. This is what causes the feeling go weightlessness.

Do you know that still almost most of the people in United States believe that NASA never landed on Moon. They say that it was filmed to win the Space Race.

Water Conducts Electricity

We were taught from a very early age that water and electricity don’t mix. If a live electrical source comes into contact with a body at the same time we are, the current is going to move through the water instantaneously and give us a nasty shock, because water is the ultimate conductor of electricity.

Well, it is true that you should keep your radio far away from the bathtub, but water is far from the ultimate conductor. In fact, pure water does not conduct electricity at all. This may seem puzzling at first but remember that practically no water on Earth is pure. Minerals, gases organic matter and practically everything dissolve in water and many of these substances are highly conductive.

If you completely purify water in a lab with absolutely no traces of minerals anything else you would find that electricity doesn’t flow through it. But current can easily flow through the impure water as the minerals found in it are highly conductive. In fact, Pure water is so bad conductor of electricity that it can be effectively used as an insulator.

Different Parts Of The Tongue Taste Different Things

There are many things about our sense of taste. You would have probably seen a map of tongue showing the different types of tastes, bitter, sour, salty and sweet tested on different areas on the tongue, but this was simply an old theory that was never properly disproved.

It’s easy to prove this one wrong, simply take a dab of salt and place it anywhere on your tongue. You will definitely taste the salt even if it is placed in the zone that’s supposed to taste sweet or bitter.

It turns out that the tongue map was based on a faulty research published way back in 1901 and for close to a century there was nothing to replace it. Recent research shows that taste buds are located all over the surface and are capable of identifying all of the different taste.

Stress Will Give You High Blood Pressure

Almost one of the three American adults suffer from high blood pressure. This leaves them at much greater risk for heart disease and stroke and most doctors tell their patients with high blood pressure that managing stress is a great way to address the problem.

While it may be true that managing stress is an important component of good health, there is no concrete link between constant high-level stress and high blood pressure. It’s important to point out that stressful situation can certainly cause a temporary spike in blood pressure but researchers are unable to prove that these temporary spikes eventually lead to higher blood pressure overall.

It is highly likely that destructive behavior associated with stress such as overeating, excessive alcohol consumption and not getting enough sleep contribute to unhealthy blood pressure level rather than stress itself.

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