10 Facts You Don’t know About United States Secret Service

If you have ever seen a Presidential speech or a live show of white house grounds. Then you would have noticed a group of guys with black suit and sunglasses. These are agents of Secret Service and their main priority involves protecting the President Of United States. Yet there are a few facts that aren’t so widely known and we have them here for you.

Original purpose of the Secret Service

The secret service was created on April 14th, 1865. It was the same day President Abraham Lincoln was killed during a show in Ford’s theatre. Many people believe that if secret service was created months or years earlier than this incident could have been changed. But the fact is that even if it was created earlier it would not have changed anything as far as Lincoln was concerned.

The reason is, Secret Service was not created for the protection of the President of the United States. The real reason that Lincoln signed existence of secret service was counterfeiting. At the time of Lincoln, almost 1/3 of US money was fake. For the next 35 years, the only mission of the Secret Service was to track down the counterfeiters and investigate financial crimes.

After the assassination of William Mckinley in 1901, US decided the Secret service will also give protection to the President Of United States. But you must know that Secret Service still investigates crimes related to finance.

Secret Service does not serve only to President

Well, you must have noticed, every time you see the president you also see a bunch of black-suited guy wearing black sunglass and scanning the nearby area. Of course, The President is the main priority of Secret Service but the first family is not the only ones protected by the Secret Service.

They also give protection to the presidential candidate before the election. The presidential candidates are given full security from 120 days before the election. Not only this, they also protect the children of Former President till they turn out to be 16. Moreover, any name president names in executive order is given full protection.

Mount Weather

Every year The President goes before The Assembled Members Of Congress, The Supreme Court and The Cabinet join in the union address. All the Vip’s are present there. Now, what would happen if somehow terrorists attacked there when all the VIPs are collected in one area. In an instant, the entire government will be wiped out. But here comes the Secret Service. One of the members of the cabinet always remains absent from The Union Address for this specific reason.

The secret service protects this single cabinet member in Mount Weather in Virginia because there is a slight chance that this man could be the last remaining member of the government.

H Street

If you have ever driven to Washington DC you would have seen lots of fascinating building. But have you ever noticed any signs of the Secret Service building? The answer will be No! The reason is they don’t want any attention or gathering near their building. If you would have driven to H Street you would have never noticed that here lies the Secret Service building.

In fact, it is a nine-story plain building without any sign around it. Unlike normal buildings, this unmarked building is surrounded by concrete barriers for anyone to drive into it. You will also notice that there are no garbage cans outside. The reason behind this is they don’t want any hiding place for anyone to plant a bomb.

Medical Readiness

There are thousands of recruited secret service personnel but the most high-profile group belongs to the President protection division or PPD. These special members are not only responsible protecting the president but they are also responsible for giving medical help in case of emergency.

Experts have made a specific tablet which would work in any severe medical emergency situation. There is always a medical help ready where the president can reach in less than 10 minutes. In case of any injury, the secret service members are trained for making bandages to the wound and anything possible until they reach a medical facility.

Four Leg Agents

Have you seen any agent having four legs. You will say No again. We are talking about dogs. These agents came in 1975 when dogs were used in Secret Service. Only a few dogs are selected from thousand’s. Those selected dogs undergo 17 weeks of rigorous training so that they can meet any challenge. Whenever you are walking alongside the White House or watching president speak one of these agents are surely watching you.

Always with You

If you are the President Of The United States then you would expect Secret Service to be always with you. When we see President in Public we always see the Secret Service members are not far then a step. But what happens when they are not in public. Did the Secret Service then relax a little bit? No!

Secret Service is always there whatever the President may do. In White House or meeting with his old friend a Secret Service member is always present there. Even if the President is using the bathroom it means that an agent is right there.

Food Expert

The White House has its own very large kitchen. The chefs working here are trained to meet the personal demands of The President and they can also handle large events like State Dinner. Any chef working in The White House are screened for their history as well as their talents of making food. Although there is huge security in the white house and the pre-screening of the chefs are done still a close watch is kept by the Secret Service. Agents are always present in the kitchen to keep an eye on food preparation.

It is not that they do not trust the chefs but the truth is that they can’t trust anyone except the President himself. They make sure that nothing wrong goes into the food of the First Family. But what would happen if The President wants to order a burger? In this case, the Secret Service orders the burger from a separate address so nobody can know it’s for the President. Then the Secret Service takes that to the White House.

Forensic Expert

In the modern world, every thing has become online. Secret Service agents are an expert of the internet. They keep an eye on everything going around the world related to the president. They keep on checking 24 x 7 for any possible threat on the President. If you didn’t like the president and wrote bad words about him on any social media or anything on the internet then you are under internet surveillance by the members of the Secret service.

Not only on the internet they also keep track of any threat written on paper. And in America, even a threat on paper is taken very seriously. If you have written anything bad about the President on a paper and you threw them and you are feeling safe. Then you are wrong. Secret Service can track you even then. They have 9600 samples of Ink. They will definitely find out which one you used and where you could have bought them.

Real Men In Black

Secret Service may look like they are just wearing their suits. But you will be thrilled to know that even their suits contain lots of arms. Any time they always have a handgun with which they can bring almost anyone down. Not only this they also carry night vision goggles and submachine guns.

If you noticed the black sunglasses they wear then you might think that’s just for fashion but they are not. Each one of the sunglasses are equipped with a camera inside them. They transmit all the data instantly to the headquarters where the footage is scanned through the face recognition software for any potential threat.

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