Is Time Travel Possible?

It is one of the biggest questions, science has ever come across. But science proves that time travel is not only possible, but one person has already traveled in time.

What Is Time Travel

Time travel means traveling time. In simple words moving forward or backward in time.

This means if we are traveling in time, we can get into the future or the past.
In 1905 Albert Einstein published his Special theory of relativity, which shocked the entire scientist’s community. He proposed the theory of spacetime, according to which even time was a dimension and it is relative quantity, which can vary significantly.

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Is Time Travel Possible

Yes, time travel is possible. According to the theory of Albert Einstein, if someone attains speed close to the speed of light, time will get slow for that person with respect to the other person who is not traveling at that speed.

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Einstein also theorized that, if you situate yourself on the edge of a black hole, time will pass even more slowly. The closer you get to the edge of the black hole, slower the time will pass.Not only this, we are also floating in time. If you are moving with greater speed than your friend you are actually traveling forward in time with respect to your friend, but the time travel will be so less that it will be unaccountable.

Prof Greene says, “You hang out next to a black hole for a while, you come back, get out of your ship and it will be any number of years into the future, that is time travel to the future.”

One astronaut has already traveled in time.

time travel

Sergei Kirkalev an ISS resident holds the record of spending the longest time in space that is 803 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes. ISS travels at around 7.66 km/s, which is not close to the speed of light, but still enough to calculate time travel. 

After spending such a long time in space, he returned back to Earth.

And according to his atomic clock and the atomic clock on earth, scientists calculated that he has traveled 0.02 second in the future.

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Can We Travel In Future

As per the theory of time travel says we can travel in future, but to do time travel for a significant amount of time like an hour, we need to design spaceship which can travel almost close to the speed of light.

But to travel at the speed of light or even close to its speed, we need an Infinite amount of energy to run the spaceship, which is practically not possible.So we cannot travel in time for an hour or a day until some new technology comes out which can make our spaceships travel at the speed of light.

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Can We Travel In Past

Many people think that if they could travel in past, they will change their wrong decision into right one.But unfortunately, traveling in past is not possible.
“Grandfather Paradox,” says that if somehow I go back in past, and kill My grandfather before his marriage or before he gave birth to My father, then how can I be alive if I was not even born.
This “Grandfather Paradox” strong blocks the theory of traveling in Past.


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