Time travelling Hipster : The truth of Time Travel in future

Have you ever imagined weather time travel is possible? It seems quite interesting .

What is Time Travel

The theory of time travel was proposed by renowned famous scientists of all time Albert Einstein. In simple language time travel means that we can go into our past or our future. That means we can get back in time and even travel forward in time.

Some of the next pictures, will make you believe, that time travel is not only a theory, but history has given us many proofs of it. We can’t believe ,that all these proofs are true, but it will make you wonder weather time travel is really possible.

Look at the photograph below and try to notice something unusual in it.time travel

Have you noticed something.

Time Travelling Hipster

Based on the data of internet ,this picture has been quite popular relating to time travel theory. This person standing in this picture, is very controversial by the name of Time travelling hipster. Expert say that this person is a time traveller from the future.
This controversial picture ,is property of Baralorne Pioneer Museum. It was shown for the first time in a public exhibition in 2004. We have no idea who took this picture. But the data, on the backside of this photograph tell us that this photo was clicked back in 1940, on the reopening ceremony of South Forkes Bridge.

Today many experts believe ,that the jacket and the sunglass, this man is wearing is much more modern, than it was in 1940. Some say he travelled from some other Parallel Universe into our universe.

Moreover, this man is also holding a digital camera, which look quite similar to the modern portable camera. According to the experts ,camera he is holding was not invented then ,and neither his clothing and sunglasses were in the fashion at that time. Based on these explanation, they think that this person is a time traveller, who travelled back in time and got there, and accidentally got captured in this photograph.

What other think about time travel

However, many people have opinion against these explanation. They say, that this is not original photograph ,and that it is photoshopped. But sources say, that this photograph is original, and it can be seen, on the website of Virtual Museum of Canada. Then the question arises that is he Time Traveller or not.

Others, gives different clarification on this incident. They say, that the jacket and sunglasses, which the man is wearing, is not much modern than we think. That type of Fashion, used to come under rare fashion in the 1940’s. And the clothes this man is wearing is quite similar, to sports team of that time. Similar type of shirts were the official dress of Ice hockey team, named Montreal Maroons.

montreal maroons
Similarly, this type of sunglasses is also shown in a 1940 film, named Double Indemnity. About the portable camera this man is holding, websites say that by 1940, Kodak has already manufactured portable camera, which was almost of the same size.

time travel proof

However, whatever they all say, this man in this photograph, is still a mystery for the world.  What’s you opinion about this man ,write in the comment box below. If you haven’t subscribed us yet, subscribe our channel by clicking the subscription link below. So you can enjoy our videos regularly.

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